In the spirit of our founder Goliardo Della Balda, Delbana is dedicated to producing quality Swiss Made timepieces that are affordable and stylish. When he arrived in Switzerland in the 1920s, timepieces were reserved for specialists and the wealthy. The young, entrepreneurial Della Balda was determined to change that and set out to educate himself in horology. In 1931 he established Delbana with the mission to make watches accessible as quality tools and fashion accessories for all lifestyles and we are passionate about continuing this meaningful foundation.

Swiss made

No detail is spared when assembling each Delbana timepiece. The individual components are carefully inspected at our Lengnau headquarters before the dial is set with the corresponding Swiss movement. The intricate hands and indexes are then placed using precise instruments. These inner workings are carefully fitted into the case. Finally, the crown is secured and the case back is sealed before it is ready for testing. Swiss Made quality represents a core value of the brand and we are proud to have upheld this accolade for nearly 90 years.

Design process

Affordability does not restrict creativity or quality when realizing each new timepiece. As a family business, we consider every Delbana creation a distinctive addition to our family. First a sketch is hand drawn and the desired style of the watch is established. Optimal case dimensions, functions and styling of the dial, hands and indexes down to every texture and finish are all carefully considered. Once the design is approved, the new watch will be produced in one or multiple finishes.

Quality Control

After production, each timepiece is inspected at least twice by separate in-house watchmakers to ensure every aspect meets our quality standards. These strict tests ensure precision, water resistance and immaculate condition before the timepiece is ready to be placed in custom packaging and ready for delivery.

Visible craftsmanship

Exceptional craftsmanship and value are indisputable when examining any Delbana timepiece. Every model in the collection has a foundation of solid stainless steel. Yellow and rose gold as well as black finishes are achieved with durable ion plating. All our bands are genuine leather, models set with stones contain Swarovski crystals renowned for exceptional sparkle, and as of 2017 all of our new watches are fitted with sapphire crystals. This creative use of materials gives each Delbana timepiece its own unique character while the collection is unified by superior quality for modest prices.

Affordable luxury

Focus on style, functionality and accessibility serves as unwavering motivation for today’s collection of affordable Delbana timepieces. Our commitment to creating watches for all individuals who value precision, quality and style proliferates Della Balda’s industrious legacy. We are proud to continuously introduce affordable and unique Swiss Made timepieces to be enjoyed around the world.