The collection boasts a special effect created by a bespoke disk as the seconds hand, giving the illusion of a constantly moving cable which even today is extraordinary.
Delbana "Voltige" models for men and ladies, c. 1956

“Time in motion”

In the 1950s Delbana introduced the “Voltige” collection, supported by a global marketing campaign of hand illustrated advertisements to promote the unique collection. Bright colored shapes alongside the dynamic timepieces emanate excitement around the new design, which corresponded with the brand’s 25th anniversary.
During the fifties and sixties Delbana expanded its annual watch production at its Grenchen headquarters to more than 100,000 watches per year. Emphasis remained on producing accessible Swiss Made timepieces, while rapidly expanding international partners and retail locations. The locally sourced “hammer-winding” and “rotor-winding” movements were at the forefront of technology.
Delbana headquarters, Grenchen, Switzerland c. 1950