In keeping with the theme of sports, Delbana was the main sponsor of a cycling team in the 1970’s, that rode under the Dutch flag. In 1974, Peder Pedersen who was part of the Delbana team, won the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in the Men’s sprint.
Delbana Cycling team member crossing the finish line, Delbana Cycling Team Official shirt, c. 1973

“The best for your money”

With a strong foundation in precision sports watches, Delbana turned their attention to endurance. The importance of being “waterproof” evolved into the pursuit of timepieces that could withstand extreme depths. At Delbana, this also prompted significant innovations in design and the launch of robust divers’ watches with a unidirectional rotating bezel, capable of descending 200m below the sea’s surface.
By the late 1970s, Delbana merged with the WEGA watch company which coincided with a new chapter for the brand as they began producing watches with quartz movements and for a short time digital watches. This allowed them to create an expanded range of timepieces that adhered to the mission of affordable quality.
Delbana digital wristwatch, c. 1977